Tips for Choosing a Wedding Venue in Pismo Beach


Choosing a wedding venue is among the crucial decisions you will have to make when planning a wedding. The style, tone and budget of your wedding will be determined by the wedding venue you select. Pismo Beach is an excellent option for a couple looking for a beach style wedding. However, it pays to do some research to ensure you will get the right venue. Here are some things to consider before selecting a wedding venue.

  1. i) Have adequate information

If you are looking for places to get married in Pismo Beach, you should get proper information about what to expect. For example, find out how much you will pay for a venue and what is covered in each fee. Other things to find out include whether the tents, tables and chairs are included in the fee.

You may want the whole beach to yourself but your budget won’t allow. Therefore, find out the area of the property you will be given access to. The area should have water, power and enough parking space for the guests you expect for your ceremony.

The above are simple questions to ask but can significantly determine how your wedding reception would be like.

  1. ii) What are the vendor requirements?

The vendor’s conditions should also be verified. Find out from your potential vendors what requirements you will have to follow.  For instance, will the vendor be providing food and beverage and will you be required buy from them? If this is the case, find out about the florists or rental companies that will be involved in your ceremony. Also, inquire about the available packages.

When planning your wedding, it’s important to ensure everything turns out just right. Moreover, you should ask for the specific upfront so that you can better plan your budget.

iii)    Come up with a timeline

Having a timeline is also critical when arranging a wedding. If you have already decided on the wedding date, you should let the vendor know when you would need them to set up. Her things you should how long it will take for the vendor to set up, the duration of your ceremony and time to leave the wedding venue.

If you select Wedding Venues Pismo Beach venue that has condensed timeframes, you can end up spending more. Thing like lack of power can add up your costs.

The above are three important things to keep in mind when looking for a wedding venue in Pismo Beach. To get more tips on how to choose the best hotel, visit


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