Choosing a Hotel in Pismo Beach


With several hotels, resorts and spas in Pismo Beach, choosing the best one can be challenging. Apart from being difficult, the process of finding the best destination is time-consuming. As such, it is paramount to make some considerations before making your choice. The following are some of the factors to consider when choosing a hotel, resort, and spa.

Think About the Purpose

Before choosing a hotel in Pismo Beach, it is paramount to factor in your intentions. Look for a hotel that will give you the experience you are looking for. Since hotels in Pismo Beach offer a wide range of amenities, carry out intensive research. You’re likely to find that The Dolphin Bay Resort & Spa is the best hotel in Pismo Beach! Our hotel is also the ideal wedding venue! This is because we have spacious suites and reception rooms, outdoor entertaining areas, a luxurious spa and pet-friendly accommodations.

Consider Pricing

It is also important to factor in the price before making your pick. You can start by comparing prices. This helps you narrow down your options hence saving your time. As you make comparisons, the goal should be to land a spa and resort that will guarantee value for your money. Though the considering price is essential, do not use it as the basis for your decision. Other factors such as ammenities and location can also play an integral role.

Get Recommendations

Word of mouth is a vital communication tool. From it, you get to learn various aspects concerning resorts, hotels and Pet-Friendly Hotels Pismo Beach. You can get to learn more about pricing. In addition, it gives you an opportunity to examine customer relations. Apart from that, recommendations shed more light on the quality of services. You can get authentic recommendations from friends and family. If your relatives and colleagues have not used the service before, ask the resort to link you up with previous clients. For more information about reviews and pricing for The Dolphin Bay Resort and Spa in Pismo Beach, visit our TripAdvisor page.

Location is Important

The location of the hotel in Pismo Beach is also an important factor to consider. It is important to plan for the right location since it will influence the total cost and quality of your stay. The Dolphin Bay Resort & Spa offers some of the best views of the Pacific Ocean and is close to Avila Beach, Shell Beach and San Luis Obispo. The Dolphin Bay Resort and Spa also a top-rated wedding venue! To read more about the wedding venue and hotel, visit

You should also look for Things to do in Pismo Beach. The Central Coast has a lot to offer when it comes to outdoor activities including world-renowned vineyards for wine tasting, plenty of water sports (sailing, paddleboarding, surfing), walks on the pier and much more!

Whatever you do, enjoy your stay!


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